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Neutral, No Brakes
a novel by
Patrick Howard
Neutral, No Brakes

"An expansive, moving tale that illuminates the dangers of gentrification and the complexities of the human experience." - Kirkus Reviews

The town of Morley lies in the path of an approaching juggernaut, driven by a scheming mayor and his merciless realtor girlfriend. Nearly every block in downtown Morley has been condemned through eminent domain for redevelopment. Morley Plaza, a humble strip mall about to be swallowed up by an influx of new money, is ground zero for this existential threat.
Lawlessness, neglect, and exploitation foretell a desolate future for the embattled town, but Morley's colorful inhabitants resolve to confront their shared and private struggles. Each seeks redemption and meaning as they wrestle with matters of personal responsibility, sexual identity, and the anguish of choosing between self-preservation and loyalty to those they love. Their uplifting stories reflect the complexity of human relations and the threads that connect them.
Based on true events, Neutral, No Brakes addresses contemporary issues of gentrification, homelessness, political expediency, and their effect on persons often overlooked by society. It bears witness to the value of strong community and economic justice. 

The story of a fading town, overcome by corrupt politicians and backroom deals, and a committed band of quirky souls intent on saving it...

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